Thursday, 28 November 2013


Wow, where do I begin!? 

Having never been before I had no idea what to expect, yes I've seen 'The Hangover', yes I've seen 'What Happens In Vegas'… Lets just say I'd seen and heard it all… Well so I thought!

I have no other way of describing it other than Disneyland for Adults, it's bright, it's loud and it's colourful! 

Arriving at Mid-day it all seemed a little less glitz than expected, still colourful, still breathtaking but somehow just a little less 'Vegas'…

Blazer: H&M (here)
Cami: ASOS (here)
Trousers: ASOS SALE (here)
Boots: Topshop (here)

And incase you were under the impression Elvis and Michael had long passed (God rest their souls) you were wrong, I found them, here in Vegas, live and kicking… (literally)

But when that sun goes down Vegas comes alive…

This was the place I was hoping to see, and yes of course we managed to fit in a show...

My all time favourites, Boyz II Men!

Not to mention the 24 hour casinos, cocktails and restaurants… but I'll leave all that to your imagination, all I'll say is my Marc Jacobs is feeling a little lighter!

I heard over and over again '3 days will be more than enough in Vegas'… I can assure you all 3 day is nowhere near enough…



  1. I lived there for two years and did lots of business there before that. Three days was enough for me! "Michael Jackson" sure has gotten hefty!