Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Don't ask me whats possessed me, but I've taken it upon myself to start the Juice Diet. With an impending trip to the States I feel it appropriate to detox and cleanse before gorging myself and filling my boots with fatty yet yummy fast food, Taco Bell being at the top of my list. 

Initially, I cannot lie, I am pretty excited, whether this feeling lasts over the next 7-10 days, we shall see. But I've done my research, some of the recipes are to die for, my juicer has arrived and I'm ready!

 On your Marks, Get Set, JUICE!

Todays Juice:

 3 Granny Smith Green Apples
 Handful of Strawberries
  1 Mango 

Charles Jacobs Juice Extractor (here)

Here goes nothing... Wish me luck!

Ill be sure to keep you updated on my progress but until then...

Happy Juicing! 

Monday, 22 July 2013


After spending a few weeks in the sun and embarking on a magical and exciting camping trip on the beach, here are a few of my summer essentials...

1. Sunglasses (here)
2. ALDO Tote Bag (here)
3. NARS Body Glow (here)
4. Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray (here)
5. NARS South Beach Multiple (here)
6. Riemann P20 Sunscreen (here)
7. Digital Print Monokini (here now sold out, similar here)
8. ALDO BUCO Sandals (here)
NARS Multiple Stick and Body Glow are my 'must haves' for creating that bronze goddess appearance, while keeping those beach babe waves by spritzing the hair with Lee Stafford's Sea Salt Spray... but remember guys and girls the lobster red look is not attractive so keep your skin protected with Riemann P20 sunscreen. 

This summer has also been all about the Digital Print Swimsuits, I've been seeing them everywhere...

We Are Handsome (here) also available at ASOS (here)
And of course, no beach party would be complete without music, so bust out your Makita beach proof, rain proof, everything proof speakers...

Makita Speakers (here)

So unleash you inner animal and go enjoy some fun in the sun you beach beauties, you! 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


So, this glorious weather has stuck around for a few weeks now and it was only a matter of time before somebody came up with the ingenious idea of a beach party. Loading up a convoy of cars with plenty of food, drink and camping equipment a group of 9 of us headed towards Porthcawl, music blaring and screeching along to the radio at the top of our lungs. 

Apologies for the quality of some of the images, they were taken off my iPhone due to the fact that sand and expensive camera equipment do not mix...

Finding our perfect spot on the beach and pitching our tent it was down to serious business; the hunt for wood! Because lets face it, no beach party is complete without a bonfire to dance around. 

Once the sun had set the boys got down to business lighting the fire while the girls just sat around looking pretty...

They did a pretty good job too...

After eating, dancing and singing the night away, we all lay around the slowly dying campfire gazing up at the stars, looking forward to a day in the sun the following morning...  

All feeling slightly sore from sunburn we made the trip home laughing about the nights events and vowing to do it again soon! A truly magical weekend in the company of my closest friends.  

Keep reading for my Beach Party essentials... 

Friday, 12 July 2013


Constantly looking for new and exciting places to eat, this week we stumbled across a new place recently re-opened in Barry; The GalleryJumping onto that bandwagon, we piled in; friends and family in tow and me, camera at the ready. 

Greeted by a charmingly chic bar area and shown to our seats in the main restaurant, we were hooked on first impressions and the waiters were perfectly attentive too, not a dry glass in the house!

White Blazer: South (similar here)
Monochrome Trousers: ASOS (here)
Court Shoes: ASOS (here)

Priding themselves on locally sourced food, we couldn't wait to feast our eyes on the menu and sink our teeth into a selection of gorgeously mouthwatering dishes. All opting for the 3 course menu, I myself went for the Honey Roast Lamb Salad for starter, Steak and Home cut Chips in a Green Peppercorn Sauce for main and Wimbledon Special Strawberries and Cream for dessert. 

Breads, Dipping Oil and Tzatziki

Honey Roast Lamb Salad 
Steak and Home cut Chips in a Green Peppercorn Sauce

Home cut Chips

Wimbledon Special Strawberries and Cream

Other dishes on offer...

Langoustine and Rabbit with Dauphinoise Potatoes

Sticky Toffee Pudding
After copious amounts of food, wine and chatter later it was time for us to leave. I strongly recommend giving this place a visit if you're ever in the Barry area and don't forget to ask the waiters a thing or two about their foragers, they have many a funny story to tell...  

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


 A couple of days ago I was asked a favour by my good friend Charlotte Savoury; Key Make up Artist for Illamasqua
So, finishing work, I skipped myself along ('tra-lala-lala') to the Illamasqua counter in Debenhams, Cardiff, plonked myself down on one of the stools and entered into a girly frenzy of gossip with a group of friends I haven't seen in a fair while. 

Before I knew it, 2 hours had passed and I gazed into a mirror and saw this girl looking back at me...

Unretouched Photo
Make up: Charlotte Savoury for Illamasqua
A couple of weeks later I get a message featuring on several social networking sites as well as their official website...

Website: Illamasqua (here)

Get the Look:
1. Cream Pigment in Hollow (here)
2. Powder Eyeshadow in Obsidian (here)
3. Pure Pigment in Furore (here)
4. Precision Gel Liner (here)
5. Eyelashes No.14 (here)
6. Pencil in S.O.P.H.I.E (here)
1. Hydra Veil Primer (here)
2. Skin Base Foundation (here)
3. Powder Blush in Nymph (here)
1. Lip Pencil in Manic (here)
2. Lipstick in Corrupt (here)

Like what you see? Stay tuned, as a makeup artist for NARS cosmetics, I will be sharing my own tips soon! 

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Waking up to such gorgeous weather, Vin and I decided to get out and make the most of the sun by putting our own spin on the old fashioned picnic. We present to you...'The Glamnic!'

After preparing and cooking our picnic food; homemade salsa, garlic mayo, home cooked tortilla chips, chicken skewers and chicken and chorizo wraps, we loaded the car and took the drive up to Castell Coch to set up our Glamnic in the picturesque shade of the Castle grounds. 

Who knew that a couple of picnic chairs and a car boot could look so magical!?

Chicken and Chorizo Wrap with home cooked tortilla chips

Homemade Salsa


After fooling around and filling our tummies it was time to walk it all off. I used to come here as a child with my parents, so whenever I return it feels a little bit like home. How special that just 20 minutes outside central Cardiff lays this beautiful forest; silent but for the blowing of leaves and the trickle of a near-by stream. 

Speak soon my little daisies!