Friday, 1 November 2013


A museum or a store? Who knows? Maybe a bit of both? All I know is it's possibly the best store I've ever set foot in, and believe me I've set foot in a lot! I'd even go as far to say as I'd quite happily set up camp and live there. 

Not much for me to personally purchase but a lot for me to look at, and even to lust after for the decor of my own little apartment back in the UK. 

Love it or hate it, it's hard not to find it fascinating. The nature of the majestic mountains of the US put on display all under one roof, mountain lions, grizzly bears, elk, fox, raccoon an even a live aquarium. 

They also have some pretty interesting hot sauces...

Before we worked up an appetite ourselves and stopped for a bite to eat in their in store restaurant...

Who knew I could say I like Alligator!?

Spending most of the day meandering around Bass Pro I can safely say its one of my favourite stores in America... maybe even in the WORLD!


  1. This place looks AMAZING! I wanna go! :)

  2. :))) Very cool....
    My DP tried alligator for the first time this past summer....he loved'm not so adventurous!