Monday, 22 July 2013


After spending a few weeks in the sun and embarking on a magical and exciting camping trip on the beach, here are a few of my summer essentials...

1. Sunglasses (here)
2. ALDO Tote Bag (here)
3. NARS Body Glow (here)
4. Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray (here)
5. NARS South Beach Multiple (here)
6. Riemann P20 Sunscreen (here)
7. Digital Print Monokini (here now sold out, similar here)
8. ALDO BUCO Sandals (here)
NARS Multiple Stick and Body Glow are my 'must haves' for creating that bronze goddess appearance, while keeping those beach babe waves by spritzing the hair with Lee Stafford's Sea Salt Spray... but remember guys and girls the lobster red look is not attractive so keep your skin protected with Riemann P20 sunscreen. 

This summer has also been all about the Digital Print Swimsuits, I've been seeing them everywhere...

We Are Handsome (here) also available at ASOS (here)
And of course, no beach party would be complete without music, so bust out your Makita beach proof, rain proof, everything proof speakers...

Makita Speakers (here)

So unleash you inner animal and go enjoy some fun in the sun you beach beauties, you! 


  1. I LOVE Nars multiples and I got that exact same pair of sunglasses, woo-hoo! :)


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